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About Us

   Our company was founded by 3 friends who have been together in the sector for many years. The main goal of our company is to gain an important place in the world stone industry and to meet the stone needs of the sector in a way with increased service quality.

   In our opinion, the most important thing in the sector we are in, is quality. We guarantee customer satisfaction by quality products we offer and both our production speed and our expertise services.

   Through our experience and mastery of Turkey and the World stone market,We have full of confidence about ourselves and our product portfolio. In addition, due to our customer-oriented working principle, we supply all kind of stones in every quality. Through our the advanced production and supplying chain, Premium, Standard and Commercial Quality products are constantly in our stocks.

   For more information; Please do not hesitate to contact with us, Our export team will be glad to help you,

   Welcome to Stone Inferno Family…

Image by Jesse Dodds
About Us: Hakkında
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